• Ideally suitable for production of clinical batches
  • 2 sliding doors for easy access
  • Can be laid out for handling toxic products
  • Sterile bellows
  • Hydraulic stoppering system
  • Ultra low temperatures on the shelves and condenser
  • Mobile equipment on wheels
  • HMI

This small freeze dryer has the same specifications as larger industrial pharmaceutical freeze dryers. The unit is configured for use in both process development and small scale production; while reproducing the same quality as a production freeze dryer would.

The unit is installed on a mono-skid made of steel and mounted on wheels for full flexibility.

The required utilities for this unit are compressed air and a power supply only (no cooling water required). As the CS 15 is installed on a mono skid made of steel and mounted on wheels, the CS 15 offers highest flexibility and versatility.

Available options are:

  • Isolator
  • CIP
  • VHP decontamination
  • PC Scada

The unit is laid out for continuous operations 7 days a week – 24 hours a day.

3 shelves + 1 thermal screen for a total loading surface of 1.2 m2

Ice capacity of 20 kg (on 10 mm)

Batch size according to the size of the vial per freeze-drying cycle:

vials 2R 4R 6R 8R 10R 15R 20R 25R 30R 50R
2 shelves 4 895 4 895 2 570 2 570 2 160 2 160 1 400 1 400 740 740