Serail the Freeze Drying Experts for the pharmaceutical industry


Tailor made solutions

Freeze Dryers for R&D and Clinial Trial purposes
For the production of small batches

High capacity Freeze Dryers
For the production of large batches


Depending on your requirements, we can provide manual, semi- or fully automated loading systems that go with your freeze dryer. The fully automated loading solution will interface with your filling line and capping line. SERAIL has been working with the biggest brands on  the market for many years.



Operational safety

We protect your operators and/or your products during loading & unloading of the freeze dryer by providing isolation systems like laminar flow, RAB’S (Restricted Access Barrier System) or isolators.

At the leading edge of innovation

For more than 50 years, SERAIL are committed to providing equipment with ever increasing efficiency to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We qualify our products taking into account the required specificities, the regulatory framework and the compatibility with tomorrows products.

Worldwide presence


With over 1000 m2 of workshop space, two cranes over 10 tons and 13 meters under roof, our workshop in France allows us to assemble and test your equipment, no matter the size or configuration.

SERAIL are present in France, the United States and China. We also rely on a broad network of partners around the world to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Teams

Our teams consist of specialists such as refrigeration mechanics, electricians, automation engineers and process experts.

From the initial project planning and implementation of your requirements through on-site SAT and staff training, our team of experts will be at your side.

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