Zeolite dryer

SERAIL-TECH Engineering teamed up with Millennium Energy and Millerail who are the holders of the international patents for the ZEODRATION technology.

The drying of aqueous products through Zeodration is an alternative to existing drying processes. During the zeodration process, the product is dried under vacuum at near ambient temperatures. The evaporated (or sublimated) water is adsorbed by the Zeolite; after completion of the drying cycle the Zeolite is regenerated for the next batch.

The drying operation is very respectful of the product, economical and ecological, as it does not require any refrigerant gas.

Zeodration uses the properties of zeolites both as an adsorbent to dehydrate products under vacuum and as a molecular sieve to preserve volatiles (flavors and others) contained in the product to be dried.

Zeolites are already widely used for dehydration across various industries.

Process Advantages:


– Preservation of structure, colors and flavors;

– Preservation of active ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants;

– Qualitative tests validated by the Acphytaroma laboratory.


– Considerably lower energy consumption with respect to other drying processes;

– Short drying cycle times (between 5 and 12 hours only);

– Waste recovery possible.


– A zeolite dryer does not require any refrigerants (freon or CFC) to run;

– The zeolite dryer only emits evaporated water;

– Process in line with ecological regulations.