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For more than 50 years, SERAIL-TECH Engineering design process solutions with ever increasing efficiency to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We qualify our products taking into account your specific requirements, the regulatory framework and the compatibility with future products.

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SERAIL becomes SERAIL-TECH Engineering

The SERAIL company changes its name and becomes SERAIL-TECH Engineering. We remain at the service of the pharmaceutical industry, and we look forward to working with you on new projects for lyophilization and zeodration equipment, refrigeration units, revamping, audits, metrology and maintenance. And if necessary, our support service intervenes at any time! Contact us


Freeze-drying system equipped with 4 refrigeration units

Design of efficient and reliable refrigeration units for freeze-drying systems. (4 compressors on a skid: freezing – 60 °C, sublimation – 80 °C). See our refrigeration systems


Sterilization in a freeze dryer using a steam generator

The sterilization cycles of a freeze dryer can be optimized with an autonomous pure steam generator.